I have made a few puzzles for games I admire, as well as a couple of my own games. Since not many people look at these puzzles, I would be excited to get feedback if you give them a try!

My puzzles for other games include:

Who Took All the Mud? is a 10 level puzzle pack for Dom Camus’ The Golem. The included ReadMe has information on the levels and how to play them in the editor. I don’t recommend looking at these until you’ve mostly finished the original game, and unfortunately the editor only runs on Windows right now. (last updated Dec 2023)

Temple is a Snakebird level built in the community editor called Snakefall. I also designed some less original levels that you can find on the Snakefall wiki, the best of which are Lower Clearancer and Alcatraz, both of which are part of a series.

I made some contributions to Ali Nikkhah’s Vertebrae. A few extra levels are pending judgment: Bonus puzzle 1 is an alternate to level 19; Bonus puzzle 2 would fit around levels 27-29; Bonus puzzle 3 would fit into the game at level 33, but is really difficult.

A fan-level for Gate88’s Bubble Butler

Canyon is a Recursed puzzle. If you are stuck and want a hint, solving Valley will help. To play these levels, copy them into the custom / missions folder. Full details in Portponky’s guide to custom levels.

My contributions to the Thinky Collective games are: Level 23 of What Gophers Go For, Level 33 of Dr Jelly and Mr Slime, most of the story in Ahoist Cratey, the B mechanic and level B17 in Conveyor Con-fusion, and level 15 of Lab Rat-ional Thinking.

Snake Prance, a variation on Dom Camus’ Snake Dance

A desecration of Jack Lance’s I’m Too Far Gone, and a debasement of Jack Lance’s I’m Too Far Gone 4

A few contributions to Andy Duff’s Push Blox 2

A modified level 7 of Jack Kutilek’s Snakehole

My latest game is Loopoban, which started as a submission to LDjam47 and was then expanded significantly afterwards (both ways to parse the end of that sentence are correct). It’s a sokoban game where you program a list of commands that will loop indefinitely, until all the crates are on their targets (or not).

Which 5 directions would you input to get both crates onto their targets?

A half-original game is my Weird Bug. The original Weird Bug by Jonah Ostroff is an incomplete puzzle game that is a fun experiment for anyone who knows PuzzleScript or wants to learn. My version is a complete game based on the original.

Weird Bug
How will this shiny gem help you get past the fire ants and reach the fruit?

I made two puzzle games with Mike Gelbart, Line of Sight and Herding Hero, both using the language PuzzleScript.

Herding Hero is our second game and I think the better of the two. It’s about being a herding dog and having to herd goats and sheep, who behave differently and all seem to start in problematic locations. It’s a challenging game throughout, but I hope that the levels provide enough variety to keep it enjoyable.

Herding Hero
Getting all the goats into the bottom left pen in this early level of Herding Hero is harder than it looks!

In Line of Sight, movable towers are satisfied only if they see other towers in a straight, unobstructed line. It’s more of a sokoban-like game than Herding Hero, in that a lot of it is about pushing objects into the right positions, in the right sequence. Unlike other sokoban games, the end state that you would like to achieve is not always clear (all towers might be satisfied in a number of possible arrangements), and will take some deduction.

Line of Sight
The blue towers in this position are satisfied because they can see each other vertically, while the one on the bottom is unsatisfied.

PuzzleScript Robots is a small collection of puzzles based on the boardgame Ricochet Robots by Alex Randolph. It has a move counter so that you can try to solve each level in the fewest possible moves.

PuzzleScript Robots