Snake Puzzle Games

July 2021 updates: added games Anhinga and Upaon, author’s text for Room to Grow, and a few new games to the omissions section Mar 2021 updates: added 4 games: Pushy Worm, Mortal Snake, Room to Grow, Shall We Golf [Read More]

My Puzzles

I have made a few puzzles for games I admire, as well as a couple of my own games. As not many people attempt or solve these puzzles, I would be excited to get feedback if you give them a try! [Read More]

Jelly no Puzzle

Jelly no Puzzle is a brilliant puzzle game by Qrostar, where the goal is to combine all jellies of the same color by moving them left or right. Like-colored jellies will stick together if they meet, and jellies unsupported from below will fall with gravity. Despite the simple rules, the... [Read More]